Full Circle Ceramic

Our Story

Beautiful.  Interesting.  Edgy.

Full Circle Ceramic

Full Circle Ceramic is a handmade ceramic studio and shop located in Huntington, WV.  Owned and operated by artist Noelle Horsfield, the studio teaches community clay classes and produces a full line of functional ceramic wares with distinct illustrations and a refreshing edginess that amuse and delight customers from across the country.  Employing a hand carving technique known as sgraffito and influenced by sources as varied as the south itself, Noelle's illustrations draw from traditional folk art, blue and white Asian designs, tattoo art, typography, and wood cut printmaking designs.  The entirely handmade pieces range from tiny tidbit plates to serving vessels of all sizes to large decorative vases and urns and are covered in body drawn animals, oak leaves, text, and floral patterns.  The use of southern sayings and lighthearted profanity have become a signature of Noelle's work with collectors far and wide seeking out these interesting handmade pieces for their homes.


Handmade Porcelain

My handmade porcelain work is rooted in both a need to make beautiful things with my hands and a deep connection to the clay itself.  From the time I smell the damp clay in the bag and begin forming it with my hands to the magical moment when I open the lid of the kiln after the final glaze firing, I continue to be amazed by the incredible strength and wonderful delicacy of porcelain.  

My work is created through hand building and the forms are decorated using incising techniques called mishima and sgraffito. These processes produce illustrations that resemble a printmaker's etchings or woodblock prints. I further develop the imagery on many pieces using repurposed vintage decals; often firing a pot multiple times until I am satisfied with the piece.  The end result is a unique and layered story contained within each perfect piece of completely handmade pottery that is at once current and timeless, and that I believe will bring joy and meaning to your daily life for years to come. 



My limited line of quality t-shirts and other apparel is based on the edgy and irreverent sayings that have become so popular with collectors of my ceramic wares.  While many of these items do feature profanity, they are intended to be taken in a lighthearted, positive way and are fun an inspiring to wear and share with others.  

These shirts are printed for me by hand at an awesome local screen printing shop using earth-friendly soy based inks; they use a special technique that gives the graphics the soft and slightly worn quality of a well loved vintage shirt.  

For the shirts, we use Bella + Canvas t-shirts and scoop neck shirts.  These shirts are super soft from the first wear, never shrink, and last for years.

To view my selection of shirts and make a purchase please visit Hillbilly-Hipster.com

For more information on my screen printers visit them at Print My Threads.

That a thing made by hand, the work and thought of a single craftsman, can endure much longer than its maker, through centuries in fact, can survive natural catastrophe, neglect, and even mistreatment, has always filled me with wonder. Sometimes in museums, looking at a humble piece of pottery from ancient Persia or Pompeii, or a finely wrought page from a medieval illuminated manuscript toiled over by a nameless monk, or a primitive tool with a carved handle, I am moved to tears. The unknown life of the maker is evanescent in its brevity, but the work of his or her hands and heart remains.
— Susan Vreeland

About Me

I was raised on a farm in Southern Ohio where I spent my time reading books, playing in the woods and riding my ponies.  I have always known that I am a maker at heart and that my path in life would include making things with my hands.  To this end, I attended a variety of colleges, all majoring in fine arts, as well as spending time at Haystack Mountain School of Art.  My love of making things led me to try my hand at a wide variety of mediums before I finally fell in love with clay.

When my husband Scott and I married in 1997, we decided we wanted to experience living in different areas of the country, so we moved first to Northwest Indiana, then to Maine, then to Massachusetts, and finally back to Huntington, West Virginia, an up and coming artist friendly town nestled in the foothills of appalachia on the banks of the Ohio River.  With hard work and time, we transformed our third floor attic  into a functional and light filled ceramics studio where I now spend my days creating beautiful things.

My Philosophy

The driving force behind all aspects of my work is to make things that will become a meaningful part of someone's life.  There is so much discussion in society today about consumerism and our insatiable need for more stuff, as well as the movement to return to a simpler time when less was actually more; and, while I think we do need to take a hard look at how we use things to fill space in our lives, I also believe there is something profoundly comforting in familiar, well loved objects, that hold meaning for the user.  Whether it is a fine piece of porcelain pottery made entirely by hand, an item of clothing that makes someone feel good when they wear it, or a well made, mass produced tea pot, repurposed to convey a special message, I feel honored each time a customer choses to allow one of my products to become a part of their life.