Beginning with a lump of porcelain clay, Noelle makes this and all handmade pieces from start to finish in her Huntington, WV studio and shop.  Once the general form for a piece is created, Noelle lays out a general design for the decoration, adds multiple layers and colors of underglaze, and begins the process of hand carving the text, animals, and floral motifs that have become the hallmark of her work.

After the piece is finished and has dried completely, it is bisque fired, sanded for a completely smooth finish on the back side, rinsed to remove any particles that could mar the glaze and dried overnight.  Next, a clear glaze is applied and the piece is fired again to 2600+ degrees Fahrenheit.  This may be the final step or Noelle may apply gold luster to specific areas and fire the piece a third time.  

All handmade pieces are food safe.  

This piece is dishwasher and microwave safe.


Dimensions: 8" Square